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The Dragon Universe Wiki

So, I've come to notice there are a few users flickering in and out of this wiki. Which is rather remarkable, I thought it dead. But regardless, that's a very good thing! The admins of this wiki — myself and Ten Tailed Fox, mainly — have created another Dragon Ball Wiki. You needn't worry, this won't affect your fanfiction projects (I've got things here too, y'know). We're created a wiki dedicated to documenting factual information about the Dragon Ball series. 
It's called the Dragon Universe Wiki, and our goal is to make it a wiki so astounding, it will capture the imagination of the entire planet. Please, bear with me here, this will take a moment to explain. I know a lot of you are used to the Dragon Ball Wiki as it is. But, after looking them over, they don't operate as a wiki should. The terms they use for a lot of techniques are either unofficial where official terms exist, or they use the dub terms in preference to the original Japanese terms. I know a lot of us are used to the dub terms — I was as well — but the entire point of a wiki is to accurately document the information of a subject, and the original source material supercedes any following adpatation or variation. To use an example, look at the Naruto Wiki. Sasuke uses a technique that allows him to spit fire balls; in the dub, this technique is called "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu". But in the Japanese, the name of this technique translates to "Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique". The name that Narutopedia uses is the latter.
We operate the same on Dragon Universe. Additionally, we have a Canon and Non-Canon policy. This isn't to say we don't document non-canon information with the same integrity that we document canon information, far from it;  for reference, Coola has his own article on the wiki, and we try to accurately document other non-canon information, such as GT. However, unlike Dragon Ball Wiki, we do not consider everything under the sun canon. This is to say, we consider the manga the primary canon, and anything backed by Toriyama; i.e. the two new movies, which were written by him and stated as a continuation of his series, and Dragon Ball Super, written and stated as a continuation of his series as well to be canon. GT, Dragon Ball Heroes, and Dragon Ball Online, to name a few, are not canon, and, while marked as such, are still documented on our wiki without playing favorites.
I really hope you all will consider joining us and lending a hand. We're a developing wiki, we've been around for half a year now and are moving at a very steady pace. If you could join our community, we'll happily welcome you! I hope to see some new faces on Dragon Universe soon!
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