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Abhorrence Wave
Abhorrence Wave
Kanji アブホーレンス ブラスト
Rōmaji Abuhorensu Burasuto
Literal English Abhorrence Wave
Other Negativity Burst
Roleplay None
Classification Ki Manipulation Technique
Type Ki
Range Long Range

Abhorrence Wave (アブホーレンス ブラスト Abuhorensu Burasuto) is a Ki Manipulation Technique that feeds on negative feelings. During it's first use, it was equal in power to a Death Cannon.

Description Edit

The technique was first used by Casear in A New Power Awakens: Is The Legend True?, against Frost. In order to perform it, Casear extends both palms in a manner reminiscent of the Final Flash, and imbues his ki with negative emotions, which strengthens the power of the technique. The technique itself is considerably powerful, enough to match a Death Cannon in it's first use, and when colliding with a powerful attack, severely affects the area around them.

Frost later proved himself of being able to replicate the technique, against Casear no less.

Variations Edit

Piercing Abhorrence Wave: A variation of the original technique where Casear condenses the blast into a "sword-like" form meant for piercing.

Absolute Hatred Beam: A more enhanced version of the Abhorrence Wave that was invented by Frost shortly after he learned its parent technique. Frost forms a sphere of reddish-pink energy around his body before firing a large and powerful blast containing all of his intense hatred. The blast is many times his own size.

Angry Kamehameha: The one-handed combination of the Kamehameha and the Abhorrence Wave used by Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form.