A-G Edit

Action Girl: As a decent contrast to the original series, she is very much an Action Girl.

Ambiguously Lesbian: Implied.

Adorable Precocious Child

Badass: In her own right.

  • Badass and Child Duo: Casear's the badass, she's the child...badass.
  • Little Miss Badass: She, like her brother, spent her time mouthing off to Frost. Then proceeded to land two decent hits on the demon. Frost, meet Amara's balls.

Flying on a Cloud: Obtains a Nimbus Cloud.

H-P Edit

Human Aliens

Idiot Hero: Amara shows shades of it, but it's adorable. She charges into attack an enemy, and only after landing CRITICAL DAMAGE! does she even bother to ask if the enemy has a name or not.

Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Much like Goku. While she enjoys a battle like any Saiyan, Amara is a very sweet child that is described by the author to the other author as a "ray of sunshine", and she is described in-story as being sweet enough to vomit sugar.

  • She doesget corrupted in Super Saiyan form, but that's to be expected.

Made of Iron: Survives a hit from a Death Beam, albeit it missed her vitals and she was healed through special healing methods later.

Q-V Edit

Superpowered Evil Side: Her Super Saiyan transformation works like this.

Rule of Cool: The only reason she has a Nimbus Cloud, according to Word of God.

Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Not counting the murders and such committed under Freeza's employ, she constantly hints that Kurenai and her brother Need to Get Laid. She's eight.

Her bath with Kurenai, the way she made it happen firmly drop the trope Ambiguously Lesbian on her.

W-Z Edit

You Are Number Six: Invokes this in a variant, asking Samigina if she was "Mook 293", capitalizing on her Idiot Hero status while also making her rather Genre Savvy.