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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy Blast

Dodon Barrage
Kanji 弾幕どどん波
Rōmaji Danmaku Dodonpa
Literal English Assault Boom Wave
Roleplay None
Classification Energy Blast
Type Ki
Range Long range

Dodon Barrage (弾幕どどん波, Danmaku Dodonpa; lit. "Neo Boom Wave") is a special technique developed by Mizuna who derived the technique from the original Dodon Ray taught to her by the West Kai.


It is a stronger variation of the original Dodon Ray. As the title suggests, Mizuna overwhelms the opponent with repeated, rapid-fire blasts from the tip of her finger, launching several weaker variations of the Dodon Ray and finishes with a high powered version of the original technique.

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