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Dodon Ray
Kanji どどん波
Rōmaji Dodonpa
Literal English Boom Wave
Roleplay None
Classification Energy Blast
Type Ki
Range Long range

Dodon Ray (どどん波, Dodonpa; lit. "Boom Wave") is a special technique taught on Earth by the West Kai who also developed it in response to the Kamehameha.


The West Kai, jealous of her inability to Master or even use the Kamehameha, strived to have a technique to rival the well thought out ability of the other Kai. During one of her training sessions she found that by focusing her Ki near the tips of her fingers and firing it as a beam of pressurized heat instead of energy, she could project an Energy Blast of immense strength.


Unlike most other energy attacks, it seems to be something of a superheated beam shot from the finger, causing intense burns on those that come into contact with it, even if they were to block the attack. It is definitely more powerful than an average Kamehameha, but unlike the Kamehameha, it does not seem to require much charging, but will definitely be much more powerful when doing so. Also unlike the Kamehameha, which relies more on brute force to blast an enemy away, the Dodon Ray is more concentrated in piercing through a specific point on the body.

However, there are much more powerful adaptations of the attack that exist. One of them is known as the Super Dodon Blast, which is only seen in use by West Kai. This stronger version of the Dodon Ray requires the user to charge up as much power as possible and then fire it at the opponent, rather than shoot multiple, weaker Dodon Rays. It also creates a much bigger explosion upon impact.


Dodon Barrage: It is a stronger variation of the original Dodon Ray. As the title suggests, Mizuna overwhelms the opponent with repeated, rapid-fire blasts from the tip of her finger, launching several weaker variations of the Dodon Ray and finishes with a high powered version of the original technique.

Super Dodon Blast: This superior variation of the Dodon Ray that requires requires the user to take a moment to charge up their Ki at the tip of their fingers before firing it at the opponent, rather than shoot multiple, weaker Dodon Rays. It also creates a much larger explosion upon impact.