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Dragon Ball Gyaku
Dragon Ball Reversal Logo
Kanji ドラゴンボール逆
Romanji Doragon Bōru Gyaku
Genre Action, Martial arts, Science fantasy, Comedy
Created by Darkrai
Published by Dragon Planet Wiki
Volumes 3

Dragon Ball Gyaku (ドラゴンボール逆, "Doragon Bōru Gyaku"; lit., "Dragon Ball Reverse"), commonly abbreviated DBG, is a storyline based in the Dragonball universe. It is co-authored by User:Perchan and User:EverlastingDarkness5000. Despite the first story of the series being released on July 23, 2012, at the same time as Dragon Ball Sai, the series officially started on July 25, 2012. Several events are contemporaneous with the aforementioned Dragon Ball Sai. A volume constitutes four chapters.


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Sagas Edit

Frost Saga (shared story with Dragon Ball Sai) Edit

The peaceful life of Casear and Amara on Earth is disturbed when the Frost Demon, Lord Frost, pays a visit in search of the Dragon Balls. Will Casear defeat this new enemy, or shall the only two Saiyans on Earth die here?

Chapter Number Chapter Name Release Date
01A New Power Awakens: Is The Legend True?July 23, 2012
02Peasant vs Royal Elite: Cultural Belief Clash!July 30, 2012

Shikumian Saga Edit

Recovering from their battle Frost, the newly discovered Super Saiyan Casear and Arata decide they should look into the Dragon Balls, only to encounter an apparently inhuman woman! Deciding to help her however lands the new trio in a strange planet. How will they pull out of this one?

Chapter Number Chapter Name Release Date
03Mysterious Origins: The First Meeting?!July 25, 2012
04Preparations for Arrival!July 27, 2012
05Descent Upon A New WorldJuly 30, 2012
06The Sleeper AwakensAugust 05, 2012
07The Lunch Break We've All Been Waiting ForAugust 09, 2012
08Prelude to DestructionAugust 15, 2012

Vereist Saga Edit

After their excursion to Koaku, the precursors to the Z-Fighters are not able to rest yet. Upon returning to Earth, they begin the search for the seven Mystical Dragon Balls at the whim of the Northern Supreme Kai. However, someone else has set his sights on Earth, and the Dragon Balls for his own twisted goals. Casear and his friends may be faced with their most difficult challenge yet! This Saga is effectively split into two "mini" sagas, the "Dragon Ball Saga", and the "Glace Saga", collectively referred to as the "Glace Saga".

Chapter Number Chapter Name Release Date
09A Weapon Fit For Kings!August 23, 2012
10A Surprising Re-encounter!August 30, 2012
11A Dragon's Balls and the Rice King!September 10, 2012
12Prophecy of IceSeptember 17, 2012

Non-Canon Occurences Edit

These stories are non-canon and have no bearing on Dragon Ball Gyaku as a whole.

Chapter Number Chapter Name Release Date


Main CharactersEdit

Main VillainsEdit

Minor Characters Edit

Main article: List of minor characters in Dragonball Gyaku

Opening Edit

DBZ Kai Opening Bruce Faulconer Style

DBZ Kai Opening Bruce Faulconer Style

Dragon Ball Gyaku's Theme

Dragon Ball Gyaku uses the opening for Dragon Ball Z by Bruce Faulconer as it's opening theme.


  • The "gyaku" refers to reverse, and this is due to the fact that the protagonist has Super Saiyan right off the bat and a female is in an important role. A reversal from the original series, so to speak.