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Dragon Balls
Earth Dragonballs
Kanji ドラゴン ボール
English Dragon Balls
Romaji Doragon Bōru
Item Statistics
Uses To grant wishes
Used By Namekians

The Dragon Balls (ドラゴン ボール, Doragon Bōru) are seven magical orbs, created by the Dragon Clan of the Namekian race. Currently, there are two sets of Dragon Balls; the ones on Namek and the ones on Earth.


The exact method of creation is unknown. What is known, however, is that only members of the Dragon Clan can create them through the use of their magical abilities. Once all seven Dragon Balls are gathered together, the caster can summon the Eternal Dragon to grant them a number of wishes depending on which set is used; the Namekian set can grant three wishes, while the Earth set can only grant one. After their use, the Dragon Balls turn to stone and scatter across the planet they're on for one whole year.

Dragonballs also vary in size. For example, the Namekian set of Dragonballs are basketball size, while the Earth's Dragon Balls are roughly the size of baseballs. Each Dragon Ball has a number of stars from one to seven on them. The balls are also very durable, as it is said they are unbreakable.

Current Owner of Dragon Balls



  • One Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Two Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Three Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Four Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Five Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Six Star Ball (unknown owner)
  • Seven Star Ball (unknown owner)


Planeet Vegeta possesses it's own unique variation of Dragon Balls, known as the Black-Star Dragon Balls. Aside from colour and a few restrictions, they are no different from the normal Dragon Balls.