"...Earth is far more resilient than people credit her for."
— Casear

Earth in Z
Kanji 輿地
English Earth
Romaji Chikyū
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In North Galaxy

Earth (輿地, Chikyū) is a planet in the North Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Human race.

Overview Edit

Earth is a technologically advanced planet located in the North Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Human race and one of two planets that use Dragon Balls. The planet is covered mostly in water, though it does possess several continents upon which it's human residents make their home. It is orbited by a single lunar body, simply known as the Moon. It orbits it's star every three hundred and sixty five days and has four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Politically, the Earth is ruled under one government, but the functions of this government are unclear. It also appears to have one unilateral military should conflicts break out on the Earth. What is known, however, is that the Earth is divided into what is known as "sectors" that designate certain states within the one-world government.

The planet is watched over by a Guardian, usually a Namekian, who intercedes with the Kai in Other World and also maintains the Earth's seven Dragon Balls. Despite not being a Gaurdian in the deity-term of the word, Casear is most commonly identified with this planet as one of it's main protectors, and outright identifies the planet as his home, not taking kindly to alien entities that could pose a threat.

Differences from Canon Edit

Unlike the canon version of Earth from Dragonball, the Earth on this wiki has all of its real-life counterpart's continents and locations.