Amara's Nimbus

The Nimbus Cloud used by Amara

Flying Nimbus (筋斗雲, Kinto'un; lit. "Plot Box Cloud") is a magical, yellow cloud that serves as a way of transportation. Amara obtained her cloud from Korin's larger Nimbus Cloud. The Flying Nimbus serves as a way for the user to fly around at high speeds without using up any energy.

Origin and Concept Edit

The Flying Nimbus is one of the two items that Goku from the original series possessed that mimics the character Sun Wukong in the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Sun Wukong rides on a magic cloud, and the other is the Power Pole, which Sun Wukong also uses. Before appearing in Dragon Ball, similar flying clouds appeared in two of Akira Toriyama's previous manga: one is used by Thunder Ogre Goronbo in Dr. Slump, and another similar cloud is used by Tanton's master in Dragon Boy.

Riders Edit

Pure-Hearted Riders Edit

  • Korin: Owner of a large Nimbus, presumed to be able to ride.
  • Amara: Despite being a pure-blooded Saiyan, she is pure of heart and can ride the Flying Nimbus she obtained from Korin. Prefers to use it over actual flight.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flying Nimbus can fly very high, but it's limit seems to be at Korin's Tower. It cannot reach Kami's Lookout. This is probably because Kami's Lookout is above the clouds.
  • The Flying Nimbus cannot be destroyed by conventional methods (i.e. physical attacks, human weapons), however, strong enough attacks of ki can destroy a Nimbus.