Kanji 地獄
English Hell
Romaji Jigoku
Location Statistics
Type Afterlife
Located In Universe

Hell (地獄, lit meaning Jigoku), or HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers) in the edited version, is the place in the universe where all sinners are sent, especially those of a wicked nature. Hell is a mountainous area located beneath the Snake Way. There are many areas in Hell that are sectioned off and there are also many layers. The amount known as-of-late is five, but it's hinted to be more. Unlike most portrayals of Hell, it is not depicted as torturing its inhabitants, but they often get beaten up by the guards and thrown into a prison cell. It's been hinted that if a soul in Hell is purified from all of its evils, it will be reincarnated.

Hell ShadowsEdit


The hands clutching onto an unlucky victim.

When a person falls off of Snake Way, the clouds release Shadow-like tendrils that usually grabs the person and forcefully drags them down into the abyss. The hands are very powerful and will usually constrict the person so that there's no chance of escape. The more the person tries to struggle the stronger the grip is on said person. After, the grip is firm, the begin to drag the person into a swirling vortex of malicious energy. This is revealed to be the portal to the abyss and once entered, there's no way out.


Sites and LocationsEdit

Needle Mountain:

Bloody Pond:

Oni Jail:


  • It's been noted that Hell attracts many guests and even has it's own amusement park, contrary to the theme and name.