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Kami's Lookout

Kami's Lookout is an ancient platform that is in geostationary orbit in the skies of Earth, and directly above Korin Tower; for some time, Korin Tower and the Lookout were connected by the Power Pole. Events occurring on the Earth can be observed from here and can sense battles in the universe.

History Edit

Features of the Lookout Edit

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Edit

Main article: Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

A different time dimension, where a day outside is a year inside (or just one minute outside is just over six hours inside). Supposedly the room can only be used for up to 48 hours outside the chamber in one lifetime. If one were to break that rule, the doorway to the outside world would automatically vanish, thus trapping the trainee(s) inside for eternity. This effect can be nullified with a high enough power level, using a kiai to rip through dimensions. A popular misconception is that only two people can enter the room at a time. In actuality there is no limit to the number of people that can enter, but there is only enough food inside for two people.

Inside the Lookout Edit

Inside the Lookout

Inside the Lookout

While all of the above is on top of the lookout, there are two different things inside the lookout:, the very bottom of the lookout (where the Power Pole fits in) is connected to all the winds of the world. To get there, one must go through a sacred area known as the Shinsenkai where all the past guardians of the Earth exist.

Known Residents Edit

  • Mr. Popo (Assistant to the Guardian of Earth)
  • Kami (Guardian of Earth)