Ki Blast
Kanji 気功波
Rōmaji Kikōha
Literal English Ki Manipulation Wave
Other Energy Blast
Classification Ki Manipulation Technique
Type Offensive
Range Long range

The Kikōha (気功波, Kikōha) is a basic ki manipulation that is one of the most fundamental form of combat in the Dragon Ball series that is used by various races in the universe.

Description Edit

An energy blast takes the form of raw ki, usually gathered at the user's hand, though it can be concentrated in other places, such as the mouth. The blast can then be fired in order to produce an explosive blast. Ki blasts can vary in color and power. Standard ki blasts can cause burns and sometimes punch holes in a being's body. Some are even capable of damaging and destroying cliffs and buildings. Kid Buu, however, is capable of using a regular ki blast with enough power to destroy a planet the size of Earth.

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