Korin Tower

Korin's Tower

Korin Tower (カリン塔, Karin-tō) is a tower on Earth where Master Korin lives. The tower is located in the Sacred Land of Korin and is so tall that it would take even a young Saiyan an entire three days. The tower's address is FFA 44195 SQ.

Overview Edit

The tower was built to honor a great hero (it is never stated who the hero is nor is it known if he was the same being as Korin). The "Owner", Korin, grows Senzu Beans in the tower, which he will give to those he finds worthy.

A hole in the top of this tower fits the Power Pole, which serves as the link between the tower and Kami's Lookout. It should be pointed out that it is made of a quite durable material, that the structure itself is hard to destroy.

Known Visitors Edit

  • Amara (Some point prior to Dragonball Gyaku. Most likely flew up with her own ki. Obtained Nimbus Cloud.)
  • Kada (Some time during 03 MA. Comes to visit very often to rest before continuing his search for the Dragon Ball, despite Korin disallowing him to do so.)

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese name of the tower, "Karin-Tō" (カリン塔), is a pun on a type of fried dough cake called Karintō (花林糖).