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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy Blast
Light Seeker
Kanji 光きぼうしゃ(ライト・シーカー)
Rōmaji Raito Shīkā
Literal English Light Seeker
Roleplay None
Classification Energy Blast
Type Ki
Range Long range



Gai molds his ki into the form of several blades of pure energy, allowing him to release them and remote-control the Seekers to attack multiple enemies at once. A total of 6 Large and 8 Small such seekers are materialized. The Large Seekers can also be used as solid combat blades for melee combat as well, eliminating the need to use the G-Exes. The Light Seekers also have the ability to generate a unique ki shield, known as a "shining barrier", to provide a defense against both ki blasts and solid projectiles with lower outputs compared to the light shield's ki consumption. Although these seekers prove incredibly effective and flexible in purpose, they are also large, making them easy to be destroyed. The Light Seekers can be attached to the G-Exes to form either a powerful enormous sword or a massive rifle for combat. For added defense, Gai can deploy a force field by placing the six Light Seekers in a closed spherical formation and can activate Raiser Boost to enhance his overall capabilities.


  • Sonic Shooting (ソニック・シュートング, "Sonikku Shūtingu"): Sonic Shooting is Kurenai's high-speed shooting technique, derived from Gai's Light Seekers. When cast, it generates a number of "divine spheres" made out of pure ki and bolts of golden light can be fired. Being Kurenai's basic shooting attack, Sonic Shooting is usually her first option for attacking as it takes minimal time to be unleashed. It also has auto-homing and barrier-piercing properties—a total of 32 bolts can be fired, being able to make incredibly quick turns and Kurenai can control it rather precisely. Its only disadvantage is that Kurenai cannot utilize nor control the attack when moving.
    • Sonic Shooting Full Burst (ソニック・シュートング・フルバースト, "Sonikku Shūtingu Furu Bāsuto"): Sonic Shooting Full Burst is a far more powerful application of Sonic Shooting, where Kurenai produces hundreds of "divine spheres" similar to a phalanx formation and shoots waves of ki out of them.