This is a list of notable techniques which have appeared in the Dragon Ball Planet wiki.

The list will be split into sections by the four types: Offensive, Defensive, Restraining, and Support.

Technique List Edit

Offensive techniques are exactly what they say on the tin.

Name Description Image
Arc PaserAn energy wave fired from the finger.T/B
Abhorrence WaveAn energy beam meant for large scale destruction. Feeds on negative emotions.Abhorrence Wave
Absolute Hatred WaveAn energy beam meant for large scale destruction. Feeds on negative emotions.Frost's Attack
Crushing Hatred SphereAn energy sphere meant for large scale destruction. Feeds on negative emotions.Crushing Hatred Sphere
KamehamehaAn energy beam meant for large scale destruction.Raian Kamehameha
Final BansheeA release of Ki that is focused in the palm or on ones finger tips in the form of spheres that unite for a large beam of energy.
Full Power Energy Blast VolleyA flurry of powerful, quick ki blasts.Full Power Energy Blast Volley
Death BeamA lethal beam designed to pierce.Death Beam
Kidney ShotA strike to the kidney to stun the target.T/B
KiteAn energy disc that can cut through anything.Marble Technique Template
SamehamehaThe sister technique of the Kamehameha, it parallels the technique by being one that can cancel out the original technique.T/B
Shining OnslaughtSpinning, X-shaped blasts of ki. Causes great destruction.T/B
Smasher BallA sphere of energy meant for close-combat. Explodes on contact.Smasher Ball game
Ultimate TruthA large violent explosion of power, the result of one venting all of their power at once.Ultimate Truth
Tail BeamAn energy wave fired from the tail. Shikumian exclusive technique.Tail Beam
Tsukuyomi's ChaosA brand of techniques with the ability to destroy everything within it's range using the power of life and death.Death Magic
Wings RiseReleases a blast of light.T/B

Defensive techniques are...

Name Description Image
Explosive WaveA technique where the user bursts out ki from all over their body in order to repel the opponents around themVegetaKidVsSaibamenMovie
Graviton ShieldAn almost impenetrable ki barrier, which absorbs ki in order to repel damage however it is almost useless against physical attacks.Graviton Shield

Restraining techniques are...

Name Description Image

Support techniques are...

Name Description Image
Chaotic Fusion TechniqueThe ability to fuse two beings together who share harmony.
Ki TranscriptionThe ability to draw in Ki and reform it into armor.
Light SeekerA series of ki materialized attack drones.
Magic MaterializationA a magical ability used to create physical matter out of thin air. This does count as matter manipulation.Magic Materialization
Ome no ShimoStemming from the eyes of the Kai, it allows her to freeze to the core.Eyes of Frost
Raiser BoostRaises the user's parameters by threefold.
Wings of LightForms wings of light on the user's back.Wings of light