Kanji ナメック星
English Namek
Romaji Namekku-sei
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In North Galaxy

Namek (ナメック星, Namekku-sei) is a planet in a ternary star system, located at coordinates 9045XY. It is the homeworld of the Namekian race, and has suffered a cataclysm in the recent three centuries, dwindling the Namekian race to a handful.

History Edit

Planet Namek once was a beautiful meadow covered by Ajisa. In 300 BMA, a horrible climate shift wiped out all the Namekians except the current Namekian Elder. One unnamed Namekian, a gifted child of the Dragon Clan, was sent off to Earth as a child to ensure his survival. The Namekian Elder believed himself to be the last Namek alive until he heard that the other Namekian had made it to Earth safely. Fortunately, he was able to re-populate the planet, since Nameks reproduce asexually, giving birth to 109 Namekians. The Grand Elder's children began re-building the planet, especially the lush vegetation that had been destroyed in the storms.