Other World
Other World
Kanji あの世
English Other Side
Romaji Anoyo
Location Statistics
Type Afterlife
Located In Universe

Other World (あの世, Anoyo; lit., "The Other Side") is one of the three planes of existence and acts as an afterlife for all things that die in the Universe. It is ruled by the Kais.

Overview Edit

Once a being dies, its soul is sent to the Other World; particularly the Check-In Station. From there, judgement is passed upon the soul. If the soul was good in life, it is given its body back and sent to Heaven. Likewise, if the soul was evil in life, it is restricted to its cloud-like soul form and sent to Hell as punishment.

Fighting beings, such as the Saiyans and other powerful fighters, are permitted to travel to their galaxy's Kai to receive special training. Many of them are then permitted to travel to Grand Kai's Planet where more training and tournaments take place for these fighters.

Souls that live in Other World take on two different appearances. Most souls remain in soul form, which appear as small floating clouds or whisps. Some souls, however, such as the ones who were good in life, can keep their mortal bodies. They then appear much as they did in life with the addition of a halo over the tops of their head, signifying their death.

Government Edit

Other World is ruled by the Grand Kai, who lives on his planet at the very top of the Other World. Below the Grand Kai are the four Kais of the North, South, East, and West. While they don't rule Other World per say, they do rule an individual planet in Other World and have great sway over the order of things within its realm. Below them is the boss of the Check-In Station. He or she is the one that judges souls and determines whether they advance to Heaven or Hell.

Locations Edit

As in the Mortal Plane, many locations exist within the Other World;