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Planet Geyser
Planet Geyser
Kanji 惑星間欠泉
English Planet Geyser
Romaji Kanketsusen Wakusei
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In South Galaxy

Planet Geyser (惑星間欠泉, Kanketsusen Wakusei) is a terrestrial planet located in the South Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Frost Demons and Manchurians and the main headquarters of the Planet Trade Organization.

Overview Edit

The planet is more than three times the size of Earth and twice its density, therefore has up to twenty times the gravity of the Earth (just ignore the math, Toriyama is bad at it). It has no known moons in its orbit.

The planet is known for having only one season year round; winter. This is because its sun is noticeably farther from it than most habitable planets. Furthermore, the planet has been covered in a planet-wide snowstorm for the past two hundred years. Because of this, vegetation does not grow on the planet and animal life is scarce, requiring the native Frost Demons to seek major resources off world.

The planet has one large ocean, but it is entirely frozen over by a thick layer of ice. Most of the Frost Demons live in a large, continent-wide city near the planet's north pole.

Government Edit

The planet's government is synonymous with the rulers of the Planet Trade Organization. They are ruled by a king, namely King Cold, and each member of the his family becomes a leader of a branch of the Organization. The Frost Demons are largely xenophobic and do not allow any other species of alien to land on their world.