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Planet Koaku
Kanji 小悪
English Koaku
Romaji Koaku
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In South Galaxy

Koaku (小悪星, Koaku-sei) is a planet located in the South Galaxy, and is home to the Shikumian Race. It is notably one of the few planets aware of the Planet Trade Organization and uses it's own technology to set up defenses.

The name "Koaku" is taken from the word koakuma, which means "devil" in Japanease.

Overview Edit

Koaku is an technologically advanced planet located in the South Galaxy. Similarly to Earth, the planet is covered primarily in water, however, there are several large continents on which the Shikumian's make their residence.

Planet Koaku is orbited by two lunar bodies, of no given name, and makes a full rotation every 30 hours, with the period of night lasting longer than the day. Koaku orbits it's star every two-hundred and fifty-one days.

Despite being a technologically advanced planet, the entire planet of Koaku is run by a monarchy, usually a Queen. Each continent however has a local government that answers directly to Her Highness.

The technology on Koaku runs on the ki energy of individuals, as the scientists of the planet have found a way to convert their own ki into a long-lasting source of energy. Ki energy is applied to generators once every two weeks, and it lasts usually for the whole two week period until it needs to be replenished.

Koakuian City

A city on Planet Koaku

The cities, due to being technologically advanced, have moving sidewalks and everything is automated from trashcans to law enforcement. The buildings are made of metal unique to Koaku, and it is easily replinishable. Notably, throughout the cities are "Block Bots" which act as law enforcement among other things, and grant individuals "identification cards" which function as money and passports as well.

Trivia Edit

  • On Koaku, a week consists of five days, a month consists of ten weeks, a year consists of 5 months, or 50.2 weeks. Every 10 years results in a leap year, which adds four days to the calendar that year.
  • The cities of Koaku are based on LaRousse City from Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys.