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Kanji ベジータ
English Vegeta
Romaji Bejīta
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In South Galaxy (presumably)

Planet Vegeta (惑星ベジータ, Wakusei Bejīta), formerly known as Planet Plant, is the home planet of the Saiyan Race, as well as the Tuffles and Plants. It is ruled by King Vegeta, however, the planet itself is an outpost of the Planet Trade Organization.

Overview Edit

Valley on Planet Vegeta

A canyon on the surface of Vegeta.

The planet is known to have ten times the gravity of Earth in the North Galaxy, meaning it is possibly much larger than the Earth is. The gravity assists the Saiyans obtain their natural physical resilience and power.

Planet Vegeta is a desert world with a deep red sky (though the sky has also been seen as blue at certain points). It has two known moons and there is a full moon every century. The Tuffles built large technologically advanced cities during their reign on the planet. The Saiyans took these cities as their own after the war that eradicated the Tuffles and established the Saiyans as the dominate species on the planet.

During Frost's attack on the planet, more of its geography is revealed. The planet is split into three continents, all of which are surrounded by a singular, immense, ocean. While most of the planet is indeed arid, vegetation is shown to exist near river systems and several islands on the planet are covered in forests.

Government Edit

The planet is ruled by the Saiyan monarchy. The Saiyan royal family make up the rulers of the planet and the Saiyan race. This includes the Saiyan royal court, made up of high-class Saiyans related to the royal family. The head of the entire race is known as the king. In this case, King Vegeta, whom the planet was named after.

Society Edit

Saiyan society is organized into classes. The elites are the Saiyans born with power levels in the thousands and are often times the strongest warriors in Saiyan society. All members of the royal family and the royal court are elite warriors.

The mid-class warriors are those born with power levels in the hundreds. They serve as the bulk of the Saiyan military force. A majority of the Saiyan race fall under this class of society.

The low-class warriors are those Saiyans that are born with power levels in the single or double digits. These Saiyans are often sent to other worlds to destroy them for the Planet Trade Organization. They are often put down by the elites and are generally the weakest in Saiyan society.

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