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Shikumian females
Kanji 雌魔人
Romaji Shikumian-jin
Additional Information
Primary Power Ki manipulation
Technology skill
Notable Members Queen of Koaku

Shikumian (雌魔人 Shikuma-jin) are a humanoid race from the Planet Koaku. They are notable for being skilled in both combat and technology, and females usually head the species. They are some of the foremost technology experts in the Universe.

Overview Edit

The Shikumian are a human-like race, with thin black tails that usually end in a point, and are from the South Galaxy world of Koaku. Many of them are born with the ability to manipulate ki, the life energy within their bodies. Due to these similarities, the Shikumian are believed to be related to Saiyans, and quite possibly Humans as well, which Saiyans are thought to be related to.

Shikumian possess several traits unique to their race:

  • Technological Affinity: The Shikumian race has an affinity for technology, and their entire planet is highly industrialized. Due to this, they're planet has one of the highest security systems anywhere in the Universe, and it is due to this that the Planet Trade Organization organization has been ineffective in capturing Koaku.
  • Ki manipulation: Many Shikumian are born with the ability to manipulate their ki, which they can use for flight as well as powerful energy attacks. Shikumians have also turned ki energy into a power source for many invventions on their planet.
  • Enhanced Physical Traits: Unlike their many of their Human cousins, the Shikumian race is both very durable and strong, able to take hits that would kill a more fragile race, and can fight on par with many strong entities using their own power.
  • Tail: The Shikumian tail resembles almost a whip in traditionally ends in a spade, sharper in males than females. The tail has no special properties other than being used as for balance, but also serves to weaken a Shikumian if grabbed. This is particularly strong in females.

Appearance Edit

A Shikumian appears to be identical to the average human, with the exception of the tails they possess, and males are typically built a bit more than the average human. Notable is the colour of a Shikumian's hair, which can range from black or brown to hot pink.

History Edit

Shikumians have been on the Planet Koaku for as long as they can trace their history, and it is implied they evolved similarly to Humans and Saiyans, due to their similar physiology, but branched off at some point. As soon as the race began to industrialize, their planet quickly became a technological hubub, but notably, their industrialization has caused no noticeable form of pollution to their planet, they have been careful to monitor such things.

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese name of the race, Shikuma, literally means "Female Demon", and is followed by the suffix, jin ( or じん) which is a Japanese suffix for person. The name could literally be taken to mean "Female Demon Person".
  • In a similar vein to the Saiyan's "vegetable" theme, Shikumian's are traditionally named after demons.