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Shining Onslaught
Kanji 炯然躍進(シャイニング・オンスロート)
Rōmaji Shainingu Onsurōto
Literal English Shining Onslaught
Roleplay None
Classification Energy Blast
Type Ki
Range Long range



Gai's signature technique; Gai is capable of unleashing spinning, 'X'-shaped blasts of golden feather-like ki. The power, speed, blast area, force, and size of the Shining Onslaught is far beyond any other application of the technique; to point of seriously harming a Saiyan. Gai's tremendous speed allows him to move faster than the Shining Onslaught itself, allowing him to fire multiple blasts from different directions. Shining Onslaught is a powerful technique with great force, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. This iteration of Shining Onslaught is a ki collection attack and thus becomes far more powerful the later it's used, and it is Gai's most powerful attack. It is most useful when activated towards the end of a battle between high-level opponents, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their attacks. It is a recycling of the ki just used and spread over the battlefield. Therefore, even though Gai has been exhausted from ki, the ability can still be invoked.


  • Shining Piercer (炯然穿孔, "Keizen Senkō"): A more powerful variant of Shining Onslaught, designed for a focused, penetrating attack. Upon releasing the regular Shining Onslaught, Gai quickly molds the golden energy into the form of a beam of ki, spinning the trajectory of the beam like a powerful drill, generating enough force to destroy even buildings with one shot. However, Gai can only utilize this attack a limited amount of times, enough to keep a running battle going for some time but eventually repeated use will drain his ki reserves completely.
    • Kyōkeizenga (鏡炯然牙, "Mirror Shining Fang"): Gai can use Shining Onslaught as a reflective technique. It allows Gai to reverse the ki of the regular Shining Onslaught, and turn it into an attack which defends instead of harms, though utilizing it in such an unorthodox method is heavily draining to his ki. Activation of this technique makes it necessary for Gai to provide double the ki to form the shield due to its unique construction, and if it is struck, he will feel pain and receive damage in accordance. Gai can also materialize it from a distance. This wall can also disperse the resultant force of an impact at the instant of receiving an attack with the Shining Onslaught as a concentrated explosion that is automatically returned along the attack's opposing trajectory.