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Smasher Ball
Smasher Ball game
Kanji スメーサー バル
Rōmaji Sumeisaa Baru
Literal English Smasher Ball
Other Crushing Sphere
Roleplay None
Classification Ki Manipulation Technique
Type Offensive
Range Short Range

Smasher Ball (スメーサー バル Sumeisaa Baru) is a Ki Manipulation Technique, and the signature technique of Casear and his usual finishing move. The technique utilizes a ki sphere for close-range combat.

Description Edit

An energy sphere created by focusing ki into one point on Casear's palm and expanding it into a small sphere. This sphere is a contact move that requires Casear to slam it into his enemy, and he then brings them up into the air and slams then down, causing the sphere to explode.

There are no real hidden workings to the technique, however, Casear notes that to perform it, the amount of ki energy used must be fairly stable. This makes it a difficult technique for even experienced users, as monitoring ki input in a technique is not always on the foreground of one's mind, however, after using this technique, it becomes second nature.

Variations Edit

Super Smash Ball: Casear applies more ki to the sphere, creating a Smasher Ball about the size of a small truck. Aside from the enhanced size and power, it is no different from the original Smasher Ball.

  • Ultra Mega Smasher Ball: A technique that stresses the users ki to their limit, applying as much can be given without too much stress on the body. The sphere can be compared to a large bus, and, aside from enhanced size and power, it is no different from the original Smasher Ball.

Double Smasher Ball: Double Smasher Ball is simply a technique where the user creates two spheres in their hands to strike the opponent. The variation from the standard performance is they push the opponent down from the front before causing each sphere to explode.

Slicing Smasher Ball: A variation disk where Casear creates the sphere of the Smasher Ball but uses extra ki to create a razor-sharp, spiraling edge that can cut through nearly anything. This unique version is a projectile that Casear can throw, and, keeping with it's explosive nature, Casear can detonate it. The resulting explosion retains the former cutting abilities of the original disc, magnified.

Crushing Hatred Sphere: A technique where Casear combines the Smasher Ball with the Abhorrence Wave, creating a unique version of the Smasher Ball that can be fired as a spherical, dark crimson projectile.

Trivia Edit

  • The Smasher Ball is based in appearance and function on a technique used by the Unnamed Male Martial Artist from Dragon Ball Online's trailer.
  • Smasher Ball is similar to the Ki-to-Ground Explosion finishing blast used by Son Goku when performing the Meteor Explosion.
  • The Smasher Ball is often compared to the Rasengan of Naruto fame, which, ironically, was compared to the Kamehameha during Naruto's first use of it.
  • However, the technique is heavily based on the Rasengan, and therefore comparison is justified.