Kanji 変化
Rōmaji Henka
Literal English Transformation
Roleplay None
Classification Transformation
Type Ki, Magic
Range None

Transformation is a rare technique, possessed by some races, which allows them to transform their bodies in order to tap in to greater power. Types of transformation vary by race, with some having specific transformations, such as Super Saiyan, and others being transformations created by the user.

Uses Edit

While most users of this technique transform in order to increase their power levels and give them access to far greater levels of energy, some users, like Frieza, actually use it to decrease their power levels, as they cannot usually control their full power. Few use this method, however.

Variations Edit

Saiyan Edit

Magic-Induced Edit

Ki- Transcribed Edit

    • Full Throttle: Dextral Wing
    • Full Throttle: Sinistral Wing
  • Kallen's Unnamed Transcription (Kallen)

Worldwalker Edit

Note: All these have god variants.

  • Two Armed
  • Four Armed
  • Six Armed
  • Eight Armed
  • Ten Armed