Kanji 宇宙
English Universe
Romaji Uchū
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Type Spacial location
Located In N/A

The Universe (宇宙, Uchū) is the location of everything taking place in the story. It consists of the Other World, the Mortal Plane, and the Demon World.

Structure Edit

The universe is essentially a ball consisting of two halves. The upper half consists of the Other World which contains Heaven, Snake Way, the Check-In Station, the planets of each of the four Kai and the Grand Kai's Planet. All beings that die in the universe are sent to the Other World where they remain forever. Hell, the realm that houses all of the evil dead, divides the Other World from the Moral Plane.

The Mortal Plane consists of four large galaxies. The North Galaxy, the South Galaxy, the East Galaxy, and the West Galaxy. Each are ruled by a Kai in Other World and are watched over by a Supreme Kai above even them. Planets and living beings inhabit the Mortal Plane.

The Demon World is located below the Mortal Plane. Not much is known of this plane except that it is the home of the Demons and that it is ruled by evil Kai, known as Demon Kai.

The Supreme Kai live on a planet called the Sacred World of the Kais, which is not located within the sphere of the known Universe. Instead, their world is in it own dimension surrounded by ten suns.

Government Edit

The Universe is ruled by the Grand Supreme Kai, the supreme leader of the Kai race. Below him are the four Supreme Kais, each of whom watch over a quadrant of the galaxy and are very powerful warriors. The Grand Kai handles most of the running of Other World and below him are the four Kai which rule over the four major galaxies of the Universe; North, South, East, and West.

While each of these Kai rule from the Other World or beyond, some planets in the Mortal Plane have Guardians who watch over the planet and intercede with the Kais in Other World, but not all worlds do so. Also, Guardians have no jurisdiction over their planets in any known case.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Universe in the series is much smaller than in real life, only possessing four major galaxies, while ours possesses millions.