Hiya guys :D. I will be a hosting a universal tournament! And no DBS Spoilers if someone isn't caught up.

Sign Up

In order to sign up you must first ask me, and if you get my permission (which you probably will) please make a five man team. No double universes though.

Current signed up universes

Zeon's Ninth Universe

Rukiryo's Second Universe

Otakus and Mjj's Eighth Universe

HouseBlack's Universe 6

Wyvern's Fourth Universe

Yumoz's Eleventh Universe

Noodle's Twelfth Universe


No Deities

No killing

Cheating is allowed story wise if you give us a good explanation for why the character could get away with it. But they can be discovered if three or more users see a hole in an explanation, and the character will be disqualified.

Revived characters are allowed.

Reserved characters are allowed. Let's say for instance a fighter of yours gets sick right before the tournament, you can choose a reserved character to make up for them.






The Tourney Starts Soon...

I'll message every participant, then the story shall begin.

Any questions?

If you have any questions leave it in the comments.

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