• Silver-Haired Seireitou

    Alright, so... Yes. After constant bribin- er... requesting, I have decided to also edit over here somewhat. Since Ten seems to be overlooking Saiyan rules and restrictions and all that jazz, among other stuff, I asked him if it'd be alright for me to overlook Kai creation and to handle that stuff.

    Thusly, I will be initiating what I call simply... the Kai Project. Since Ten explained that this wiki follows one consistent timeline, that means no two same Kais can be created. This means we can't have five different North Kais running around. In order to monitor this, the Kai Project will be overseen by me and Ten respectively.

    It began with the creation of my Grand Supreme Kai. So, the remaining spots are:


    • Grand Kai


    • Grand Supreme Kai -…
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