• Thepantheon

    Hello, World!

    August 12, 2012 by Thepantheon

    Hey, everyone. I'm Thepantheon, otherwise known as Panth (or Panties, if you're User:Ten Tailed Fox, or Paco, but I forget who called me that). I'm an old user of this whole wiki complex (NF, BFF, and the various spin-offs thereupon), so some of you will remember me, hopefully. I kind of fizzled out of activity a while back, because I got a bit tired of writing on the Wikis, but recently I've been feeling like I needed a creative outlet, and I heard that a new wiki had been started, so I decided to swing by and try my hand at a new fanon universe! I'll be working around here, hopefully for a good long time, so if you haven't already met me, I expect you will soon.

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