Heh, yeah, seems I was a little too nervous and shy to start adding input right away, so I thought i'd introduce myself instead. Anyway, i'm Wyvern 0m3g4, and it's a pleasure to see an interesting fanon wiki such as this. I was introduced to Dragon Planet Wiki by a user here, known as Highestbounty123, whom i'm actually a close friend of. As for me, i'm pretty experienced with wikis and what not by now, so I think i'll be able to get into the flow of things soon enough. Also, there's no need to worry about me being ignorant about the Dragonball series itself, as i'm one of those many people who grew up with Dragonball and Dragonball Z (really got hooked into it when I started High School.)

Anyway, i'm actually quite excited to start adding characters and the like to the wiki, but sadly, i'm also VERY busy on another wiki at the moment as well, where a good deal of my time, effort, and energy is put into each and every day. So while i'd like to be as active here as possible, I thought it was only fair and polite of me to warn that I might get caught up in a few things elsewhere, and might not have as much time to work on my pages here as i'd like. If this becomes a serious problem for the admin(s) and other users here, please let me know. And if this is a dealbreaker for me joining, then I totally understand as well. In any case, this just looks to be a great deal of fun, and i'm certainly in the mood to participate in that fun as well. :)

Oh, and since HB linked me to the About page for this wiki, i'm already familiar with the do's and don't's for this wiki, and everything that pertains to those guidelines (as I can be quite the stickler for obeying rules.) So if a problem DOES arise due to sheer ignorance on my part, or because of simple absent-mindedness, please feel free to let me know where I went wrong.

Yeesh, seems my rambling is a result of my aforementioned nervousness. <_<; Anyway, I decided to jump on in and see where this goes; so i'm looking forward to what responses i'll get. (And speaking of nervousness; I know I can be socially awkward sometimes, but this is just ridiculous. >_>) Anyway... Here's to a good time on Dragon Planet Wiki! ^_^ May we enjoy some good battles and adventures together! (And some really cool displays of chi/ki/energy blasts/waves! +_+)

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